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About me

Who am I ?

My name is Laura and I am 26 years old.


Norman origin, I was born and raised in Caen. I always was dynamicpositive and altruistic. I like share and help the people around me. 


Ancient French champion in equestrian acrobatics, I know the rigor, the team work and the perseverance


I was lucky enough to travel with my parents. 

They gave me the “globe-trotting” virus. I like discover and inspire me places and cultures that I discover.

I fell in love with Guadeloupe more than three years ago. This island brings together everything I need in my daily life: nature, ocean, kindness, calm and… the SUN !

This island is truly my little paradise and I like to spend at least 6 months there a year.

I am today passionate water sports (and sports of all kinds).

When I'm not in front of my computer working on your projects, you'll usually find me in the water.

And the rest of the time, I journey


I am extremely fortunate to be able to follow my customers And carry out the missions entrusted to me around the world.

Incredible source of motivation and inspiration for me...

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My journey

Community manager in Guadeloupe

After my BAC, I decided to continue my studies in commerce.

I joined the IUT of Caen to complete a DUT in Marketing Techniques. 

I then joined the IAE of Rouen to validate a License in Management then a Master in Marketing and Communication. 

During my Master's degree, I had the chance to spend my first year in Erasmus to Madrid. I loved this sparkling city. I completed my second and final year in alternation for HSE (Hygiene Safety Environment) design office.  

​Then hired within this design office, I became, a little by chance and completely "on the job", HSE engineer. However, I never completely stopped communication. Both within the companies I worked for and for my friends and family, I continued to practice and to learn

I decided to take the plunge and dedicate myself to full time for this activity.


In communication I like the side creation and graphics. I like to be able to make my expertise available in order toto help projects and companies to develop.

This mission reallymakes sense to me. 

Through my company, Karukera Com, I would like to pass on to you all the knowledge and skills acquired during my various experiences.

My project: that we grow together…

Let's work together

Contact me so we can work together.

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Merci pour votre envoi !
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