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🏄‍♀️ How to create an impactful Real?

Hello to you 🤙

I hope you are in good shape! 🔥

This week it's you who chose the topic on Instagram 😍 So I'm going to give you all my tips and advice to make a Reel that rocks 🚀 and will help you attract a max of leads!

How to create an impactful Real?

As for me, it's off to Egypt for another crazy adventure, aboard this floating kite school where I'll be working for 1 month 🤩🍀

So are you ready to become a Real pro? How to create an impactful Real?

Complete Guide to Impressing your Community 🌟


1- Define your objective 🎯

Before you embark on creating a Reel, take a moment to clarify the purpose of your content.

What do you want to achieve?

  • Attract new followers,

  • Promote a product

  • Simply entertain your community

A clear objective will guide your creativity and ensure the relevance of your Reel. 🥳

2- Know Your Audience 🌟

Understanding your community is the key to a successful Reel (and this goes for all social network posts, by the way).

Analyze the preferences, language and trends of your target audience. Adapt your content accordingly to create an authentic connection with your community. 🌞

Don't hesitate to observe competing or similar accounts. What type of content works well for them? What trends are they following? This can inspire you and help you stay competitive.

Experiment with different content styles. Publish variations to see which ones generate the most engagement. You can also launch questionnaires or surveys to get direct feedback. Ask your community what types of content they prefer and if they have any suggestions.

Be ready to adjust your strategy according to the results.

3- Creativity and originality 🌈

Reels that stand out are often those that dare to think outside the box.

Don't hesitate to experiment with original ideas, special effects and dynamic transitions. Creative content attracts attention and encourages participation.

4- Duration and Frequency ⌛️

Brevity is the key to Reels.

Keep them short and punchy, ideally between 15 and 30 seconds.

Frequency is also important to maintain engagement.

Plan a regular cadence to stay present in your community's mind. I invite you to read my article on post planning! Indispensable for saving time and staying regular.

5- Appropriate music 🎼

Music gives soul to Reels. 💓

Choose tracks that fit the mood you want to create. Make sure you use tracks that not only match the tone of your content, but will also appeal to your audience.

6- Effective storytelling 👀

Even if Reels are short, effective storytelling can change everything.

Structure your content to grab attention from the first few seconds and keep interest right to the end.

And talk about yourself! About your school or your company 🫵 That's what's going to make the difference.

I suggest you read my article on Personal Branding, it's sure to give you some inspiration. 🤍🙋‍♂️

7- Engage Your Audience 🗣

Encourage interaction by adding calls to action to your Reels.

Ask your community to comment, share or tag friends.

Participation strengthens connection and extends the reach of your content.

8. Technical optimization 🎥 - How to create an impactful Real?

Make sure the technical quality of your Reel is top-notch!

Use good video resolution, sharp visual effects and clear sound. High technical quality enhances the credibility of your content.

Contact me so that we can work together to create Reels that hit the spot 🔥


Reels offer an exceptional opportunity to boost your online presence.

By incorporating these tips into your content creation strategy, you should succeed in attracting as many leads as possible. 🚀 Don't forget to constantly innovate, listen to your audience and stay true to your identity.

I can't wait to see the incredible Reels you'll create! ✨

Feel free to tag me so I can see this 🥰


Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. Feel free to share with your entrepreneur friends, everyone needs to know this! 🚀 See you next week for more communication tips and advice 👩‍💻

Laura 🏄‍♀️


I'm Laura 🙋‍♀️ a communications expert with a passion for watersports 💓🌊 I help watersports and outdoor pros set up a killer communications strategy 🔥🌏

See you on Instragram or WhatsApp 😘

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