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I am Laura

Communication expert

Passionate about sports


I help water and outdoor sports professionals implement

a successful communication strategy

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Website creation


SEO Optimization

Strategy set-up


Community Management

Poster / Flyer / Logo


Blog / Newsletter

Package "Créa"

Package "Boost"

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Are you in the process of setting up your business?

I can help you with all your communications: graphic design, website, social networks...

So that your launch is a success!

Need a boost?

I'll optimise all your communication channels and put in place a successful communications strategy. 

So that your digital communication attracts as many prospects as possible!

Package "Success"


Can we succeed together?

I'll take charge of your entire communications strategy and support you on a daily basis. My role: to take you to the top.

For a company that shines and grows!

My customers' opinions

Customer review Karukera Com

Clément, Manager of the company Jet Surf Guadeloupe

Laura has managed all of my social networks for over 2 years. Responsive, creative and professional, I have always been very satisfied with her work. 
She also created my new website in record time. 
I highly recommend it!

What does Karukera mean?

“Karukera” means “the island of beautiful waters” in reference to the numerous fresh water springs and sublime rivers that cross the island.

This is the historical name given to Guadeloupe. 
The word "Karukera" probably comes from the Arawak language, a Native American language that was spoken by the indigenous people of the region before the arrival of Europeans. 

The Arawaks are a group of indigenous people who inhabited much of the Caribbean and South America, from the region of present-day Colombia to the island of Hispaniola (home to today's Haiti and the Dominican Republic). The Arawaks were farmers and fishermen, and their culture was based on family, community and spirituality.

The Arawaks were the first indigenous peoples of the Caribbean to come into contact with Europeans, when Christopher Colombus arrived in the region in 1492. Interactions between the Arawaks and Europeans had dramatic consequences for indigenous populations, particularly due to the spread of European diseases for which the Arawaks had no immunity. Additionally, the Arawaks were enslaved and exploited by Europeans to work on plantations and mines.

Today, the Arawaks are considered part of the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, who continue to fight for the preservation of their culture and traditions in the face of the cultural and economic domination of modern societies.

The name "Karukera" is commonly used to designate Guadeloupe in Creole, particularly in local and cultural circles.

Community manager in Guadeloupe
Board and outdoor sports communication strategy
Community manager in Guadeloupe

And about me?

Communication strategy for board and outdoor sports

I was born in Normandy, 7000 km from the Guadeloupe.

However, after 26 years rich in discoveries and experiences, it's in this little island lost in the middle of Caribbean Sea where I decided to put down my bags. 

After 4 great years here, I made the choice to leave the comfort of the permanent contract to lead my the entrepreneurial adventure. 

I'm very proud to develop my business while remaining aligned with my principles and my values

Grow professionally while helping others.

To learn more about me and my journey, click here...


Let's work together

Do not hesitate to contact me...

Request for information on a service, quote request or any other questions...

I will be happy to answer you!

Merci pour votre envoi !
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